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Teen Acne -What You Can Do To Help Deal With It

On the inside teen acne can be very painful. The culture you live in worships beauty and being young. There is no way to escape it is everywhere. Teenagers are conscious of there appearance and image so having acne can be emotionally devastating. Some think that they are going through all this alone but they are not. 85% of the US population suffers from acne at some point and over 17 million people have severe acne problems. Believe me you are not alone.

The skin oil glands are the cause of acne in teenagers by the action of hormones. Androgens are produce by both girls and boys during puberty. The enlargement of the Sebaceous glands under the skin is the results of these hormone changes. This gland produce massive amounts of excess oil. The combination of dead skin cells and bacteria blocks the pores. The bacteria began to get inflamed and multiply inside the pores.

Can teen Acne be Cured?

Although teen acne is genetic and there is not much that can be done about that, there are things that can be done to combat teenage acne.

There is a lot of stigma surrounding acne. You probably have heard that greasy foods and chocolate can cause zits. Studies in recent years have shown that there is no evidence to back up that myth. If you happen to breakout after eating certain foods then stop eating those foods. A fruit and vegetable diet is always the better choice even if it has no effect on your acne.

Another popular urban myth about teen acne is that bad hygiene can cause sever acne breakouts. well I am here to tell you that it is not true. Remember acne is caused by the over production of oil in the skin. The last myth is to scrub your face as much as possible in a day, when actually scrubbing that much can  make the acne worse. Try not to over use skin drying products because they can cause the skin to produce more oil to combat the over mdrying of your skin.

Teen acne takes time disappear and you must remember whenever you are choosing from the 100’s of teenage acne treatments. There is no such thing as overnight acne cure miracles. I good teenage acne treatment that works will take at least 6-8 weeks to get true results. Continue the treatment that is working even after it has cleared to prevent a recurrence.

If  teen acne treatments takes more than 6-8 weeks it is time to try something else.

How do you choose which treatment will get rid of acne when there so many to choose from? Try seeking the advice of a skin doctor because what worked from one person may not work for you.

Skin lesion and skin type must be taking into consideration. Don’t run out and spend all of your money on some treatment without knowing everything about it first. A dermatologist will be able to help you come up with a skin care program that is specific for your skin.


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