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Persa Gel 10

 Persa Gel 10 What Is it?

Persa Gel 10 is a one of a kind formula that works fast. The medicine digs deep into the skin pores to fight pimples where they start. It is a very strong Benzyl Peroxide that is considered the same as doctor prescribed acne medication. P

Persa Gel 10 Side effects

You should know of the Persa gel 10 side effects. There have been reports of irritation, reddening of skin, peeling and itching. Use this acne medication as directed. if you happen to experience any of theses side effects consult your doctor right away. You can also use it in smaller portions or less often.

There is no need to worry about being allergenic. There has been no reports of allergic reactions to using this acne drug. Yet if you do have some type of reaction these are symptoms you could have.

  • Rash
  • Swelling on tongue or throat
  • Trouble breathing and dizziness

How to use Persa Gel 10

Put Persa Gel 10 on all the areas of your face or body that is affected with acne. try not o get it into your eyes. Rub it in for about 10 seconds. get a good lather going and then use a towel to pat dry. make sure you follow the Persa 10 Gel directions to a T for the best results.

Where to Buy Persa 10 Gel Clean and Clear

There are many places you can find acne medication Persa Clean and Clear can bought on Amazon. You do get free shipping when you order. There are some stores that carry it over the counter.

Does Persa Gel Work

The above before and after pics of many people that have had success with this acne medication. Some have claimed that it worked wonders and others have had so so results. Skin types are different so this could be the reason why there is such a wide margin of results. Most that have success have used it per the directions to a T.

persa gel 10

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