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Is Manuka Honey Acne Good For You

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Why is Manuka Honey Acne Good For You?


Manuka Honemanuka honey acne creamy Acne helps to fade away scars and prevent them. It is used to treat acne because its natural properties that kill microorganisms and fungi. It is made by the bees in New Zealand. The bees consume the manuka bush. The Manuka bush is the responsible for producing tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil is used as an essential oil for antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. The honey that is produce from the bush retains many of the same properties as the Tea tree essential oils.

The makes it impossible for microbes and germs to survive due to it’s low water content. The main reason is the sugar that is contain in Manuka Honey removes and absorbs water. A great bonus of Manuka honey is that when it is consumed it helps build up the immune system. Making your body strong to fight of infections which include acne.

How to use manuka honey for acne in 6 steps?

Those of you wanting to know how to use manuka honey for acne should follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply to dry skin
  2. Remove any make if you wear it with a warm wash cloth or cleanser
  3. For 30 Seconds or more massage into skin and concentrate on the problem areas.
  4. Use a clean wash cloth to remove it. Jumping in the shower is the easiest way.
  5. Pat dry and apply your normal moisturizer
  6. Now if you have oily skin you should do a double cleanse.

These 6 simple steps on how to use Manuka honey for acne will get your skin on the way to looking healthy.

What Are The Benefits of Manuka Honey Acne on Skin?

The benefits of Manuka Honey Acne on skin is amazing for an all natural acne treatment.

  • Relaxing and healing – great for scars and redness
  • Potent antibacterial affect for your entire face
  • Rebalances skin, brightens and leaves a glow (a great treatment before a night out!)

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Manuka Honey Acne Before And After Pictures

manuka honey acne

manuka honey face mask






If you’ve tried everything for acne or are simply looking for a natural (tasty) treatment to clear, soften and brighten skin, give Manuka Honey Acne a try using the tips on this page.

Remember to give it at least 2 weeks for the real results to show – you might find it’s the best thing you’ve ever used!

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