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Homeopathic Acne Treatment

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Numerous acne suffers turn to a homeopathic acne treatment to cure acne. People are looking for alternative acne treatments to get away from medications with harmful side effects. These type of treatments have become more and more popular.

The second reason, is that people have not had much success with over the counter acne treatments or prescriptions. Medical doctors do not give much guidance on a good homeopathic acne treatment because they are not regulated by the FDA.

The alternative medicine community and word of mouth is the main way information for alternative acne treatments get out. The internet has made this information much more accessible.

Homeopathic acne treatment using herbs.

Many commonly herbs like red clover, dong quai, black cohosh, evening primrose, chaste berry and wild yams are used to help control hormones in women and teenage girls.

These herbs help to balance female sex hormones like androgen and estrogen many herbalist believe. Acne can be reduced or prevented since androgen is responsible for triggering excess sebum production. This excess oil causes acne to form by clogging hair follicles.

Males and females can use homeopathic acne treatment herbs to reduce infection and inflammation. These herbs have been used as an alternative acne treatment and contain properties that kill bacteria fast:

  • Burdock
  • Dandelion root
  • Echinacea
  • Licorice

Many acne suffers have found that the herbs Red Peony and Salvia have help their skin to heal better and faster.

Vitamins are an essential part to natural acne treatment.

Panthonic acid (Vitamin B5) is used to treat acne. This aspect of homeopathic acne treatment became popular because of Dr. Leung an acne expert from Hong Kong Japan. He wrote a thesis on the beneficial effects of Vitiamin B5 for acne.

He determined in his paper that people that suffer from acne have a Vitamin B deficiency. This deficiency results in an over production of sebum oil. The excessive production of oil is the main cause of clogged skin pores and hair follicles. He was able to test his theory by giving 200 patients 10 grams of Vitamin B5 everyday for over 6 months. Dr. Luengs results were staggering producing a success rate of 90%.

Acne and Tee tree Oil

The most effective homeopathic acne treatment is the use of seaweed and tea tree oil. This two popular ingredients have powerful antibacterial properties that are very effective against acne inflammation. The tea tree oil comes from a tree called Ti in Australia and of course seaweed comes from the oceans.

Control your Stress reduce your acne.

If you are stressed a lot then you must do whatever you need to to get rid of it. If you have to do yoga, exercise, sing, or dance it does not matter. Whatever calms your nerves that is what you need to do. Stress can cause acne breakouts in a very short period of time. Meditation, acupuncture, and even aromatherapy have become very popular with people that suffer from stress related acne.

Many people search out homeopathic acne treatment to get away from the harmful side effects of medications but you must still be cautious. Due to the lack of regulation many of alternative acne treatments can have the reverse effect so do your research.

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