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Clindamycin Acne Gel Phosphate Review Side Effects Dosage and Uses

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Clindamycin Acne Review

What Is Clindamycin Gel?

Clindamycin acne gel is a topical antibiotic acne treatment that prevents bacterium from forming on this skin. It is placed in the class of lincomycin antibiotics. People from the ages of 12 and 25 have acne, older people can be affected as well. The Sebaceous gland is right under the skin and creates and oil that is called Sebum. Sebum is responsible for keeping the skin smooth and supple. Sebum comes to the surface of the skin through tiny pores. When acne is formed these pores get blocked or clogged causing swollen spots.

How Does Clindamycin Acne Gel Work?

This topical acne treatment works by stopping or slowing down the growth of bacteria caused by blocked pores. It is used to prevent and treat infections that are suspected of causing bacteria to form in the pores of the skin. It helps to decrease the number of acne lesions.

Are there Clindamycin Side effects?

This medication is very powerful against acne and works like a charm but you must be aware of the side effects that can come about. Of course if you is more of a natural treatment you will not have to worry about side effects.  Clindamycin Side Effects:

May cause mild burning or itching; mild dryness of treated skin; or redness or other irritation. If side effects persist, stop Clindamycin Phosphate treatment and consult your doctor immediately. 

  • Burning or itching
  • Mild dryness or irritation

You should not use clindamycin acne gel if you are pregnant, have inflammation of intestines or breast feeding.

How To Use Clindamycin Acne Topical Gel

Apply it on affect areas and use it everyday. Make sure you follow the directions. Shake Clindamycin gel really good before putting on your skin. use a small thin layer about 2 times a day. After you shave or wash wait about thirty minutes or so.

What do People say about this acne cream.

clindamycin acne“This stuff worked like a charm on my condition. I had no side effects even though I was expecting some kind of burning sensation. Great acne medicine”

Susan, Grand Falls

“I got a full box of samples of Clindamycin cne gel from my doctor. After about a week of use I started to notice a difference in my face. I am really happy I got the samples.”

Mark, Scottsdale

Where can I buy Clindamycin Acne Topical Treatment?

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