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Back Acne Causes What’s the Deal

Back Acne Causes

Back acne causes produces acne in many sizes and shapes. These can range from very serious forms like cystic acne to the mildest form of whiteheads. You may have heard the slang term “Bacne” this consist of pustules, blackheads, and pimples.  You can be affected with back acne rather you are the age of 10 to the age of 40 years or even older. To combat back acne you must understand the causes and the best way to treat it. There are several options you can use to prevent and treat Bacne.

What causes Back Acne

There is no one cause of back acne, it is like all other types of acne. Medical experts claim that it can be caused by oil glands producing more oil around the puberty years. What makes extra oil is the the group of hormones called androgen. Androgen can be found in both males and females. They work in overactive mode causing the oil glands to produce extra skin oil. Just underneath the skin surface are these over producing oil glands. The pores of the skin are secreting oil due to the constant production of these glands. This over production clogs the pores and the hair follicles.back acne causes

The hair follicles gets plugged up with a dead skin cells and  globs of oil, which in turn blocks the dead skin cells from escaping the skin. Bacterium is attracted to this messy glob and acne begins to be formed. Back acne causes are not just limited to the back they can form on any part of the body like the back of the neck as in Acne Keloidalis. It can be very severe with large lesions and painful cysts.

Back acne causes can be caused by a heavy back pack, tight clothing or just something that people are prone to. However, not having anything contacting the back is not a viable option for prevention. We all wear clothing and we all have to sit down. Most people suffer from back acne at sometime in their lives, so it best to treat it than to prevent it.

You can use strong topical treatments because the skin on the back is thicker. Using Benzoyl Peroxide at 10% is perfectly fine. You should not use this strength of Benzoyl Peroxide on thinner skin it will not be able to hold up to the harsh treatment. Be aware that you can get all the same types of acne on your back as you can get on any other part of the body. These types are:

  • Pustules
  • Cysts
  • Papules
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads

Are Back Acne Causes The Same as Acne Causes on Other Parts of the Body?

There differences from acne and Bacne. Acne can be genetic but back acne is not caused by genetics. Bacne is mostly due to personal genetics or an individuals body type. Foods are also not responsible for back acne causes as it is with other forms of acne.

Myths of Back Acne Causes

  • Myth# 1  Foods cooked in greases cause Bacne
  • Myth#2  Dirt Build up and excessive oil production creates back acne
  • Myth#3 Sweating a lot
  • Myth#4  Not showering or washing immediately
  • Myth#5  Stress affects Bacne, Note it has been known that stress will cause back ance not to heal

People that are stressed tend to bother and pick at their pimples. This will make the condition worse.  Severe cystic Acne or other sever forms of acne should be treated by a specialist or a dermatologist if natural methods do not work.

Most of the simpler forms of acne might disappear with daily washing and cleansing routines but as cystic acne goes deep into the skin and can cause permanent scarring, it should be given more serious medical attention than simple pustules or blackheads on the back.

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