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Adult Acne Treatment Causes And Cures

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Adult Acne Treatment


What is Adult Acne?

Before we get into adult acne treatment we must ask the question. What is adult acne? It is a condition that affects self esteem at it’s foundation. The biggest myth is that after your teenage years acne will disappear. The truth is that growing into adulthood will cause an acne free lifestyle.

25% of adults males are affected by acne and 50% f females have to deal with the causes of adult acne.

Will washing the Face stop adult onstet acne?

The answer is no it will not. Adult onset acne is more of a topical skin issue than anything else. Symptoms come from a much deeper problem, rather it be genetics, stress or hormonal.

How does adult cystic acne form?

To get a good understanding of adult cystic acne you must know how acne is formed. Your skin produces a natural oil called Sebum. It is produce by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Skin pores can become clogged with bacteria, dead skin cells and Sebum. This will result in pimples and lesions. Acne is defined as a clogging and blocking of skin pores. Now that we have an understanding of acne and how it is formed we can get into adult acne treatment.

Treating adult acne is easy when you know which variety of acne you have. There are 2 different varieties.

1. White Heads: White heads is a cause of adult acne by blocked pores that bulge out from the skin. Contaminates, dead skin cells, and bacteria are trapped in side this bulge. It will have a white appearance.

2. Blackheads: Black heads are simply comedones that have opened, exposing the dark follicle mass inside. Acne comedones are often referred to colloquially as “zits” or “pimples.”

In more severe forms of acne, cysts, pustules and nodules and can form.  Making an adult acne treatment more needed to prevent adult acne cyst.

Comedones in the skin open and exposes a mass of dark follicles inside. The most common names are pimples and zits. They occur in packs or clusters and have the feeling of small bumps. It can also form into more severe cases of acne like nodules, pustules, and adult acne cysts.

Is there an acne adult treatment?adult acne treatment

There are many different types of adult acne treatments. Some are no so great and others are the best treatment for adult acne. You must differentiate between the teen skin and get into proven adult skin care.

Treating adult acne using the right home treatments and or adult acne medications can have profound positive results.

How to use the Best treatment for adult acne

A great acne system to use is Acnezine. It is an all natural skin care treatment that has help many people cure adult acne and adult acne scars.

It comes in both cream and pill form to battle acne internally and externally. The Ingredients in Acnezine are natural. 5% Benzoyle Peroxide, organic aloe vera, bilberry extract, birch, witch hazel, citrus fruit extract and many other all natural ingredients. Follow the directions to a T and you will get rid of your acne in a few weeks and get rid of any future breakouts. This acne care system is a very effective adult acne treatment.

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How to get rid of adult acne with home remedies.

1. If you sweat because you work a lot or workout you may get breakouts. You will need to keep your skin dry and clean as possible. Use a mild soap and then a non comedone moisturizer.

2. Milk and fresh lime juice is a great natural remedy. It is a powerful remedy to get rid of adult acne. Get a half glass of fresh lime juice and boil a half glass of milk. Wait until the milk is cooled. Get a clean wash cloth and saturate with the mixture. Apply the mixture to any areas affected by acne.

A great resource for home remedies and fighting acne at it’s core is a book called “Acne No More” written by Mike Walden. It is a step by step guide that if followed will cure adult acne. Acne No More is a comprehensive adult acne treatment and a great treatment for teenagers.

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As annoying, unfair and embarrassing adult acne can be. Keep in mind that it can be cured and prevented. All you need is the proper adult acne home treatment. No need to get expensive adult acne medications. There are other techniques and products that work and have made many people regain their confidence again. Get rid of acne with the proper adult acne treatment.

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