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Acne Treatments Top Nine Remedies

Most people do not want to be bothered with blackheads and zits caused by acne. If there was a way to get rid of acne forever they would gladly do it. Many teenagers suffer from all sorts of acne and the problem can be hard to control and embarrassing.

The effects of acne can be lessened and controlled but it cannot be entirely gotten rid of  in adolescence. It is a part of maturing in teenagers.

The top nine acne treatments for beautiful skin:


1. Proper diet is the best way to get rid of acne. Good nutrition is the key to helping the body and strengthen the immune system. The myth of chocolate and fried foods has been debunked. Foods like vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and fruits help cure acne. vitamins and minerals must also be a big part of your regular diet. Keeping your immune system strong through exercise, healthy lifestyle, and vitamin supplements will go a long way to clear skin. By avoiding dangerous drugs, alcohol, and moderate exercise 3 times a week will improve skin health.

2. Proper Hygiene is always important. Acne will take every advantage to grow when a person has bad hygiene bringing truth to the myth, that bad hygiene causes acne. Bacteria under the skin is the reason acne forms. Wash moderately to control this bacteria growth. Over the counter exfoliating products have helped many people.

3. There are many topical antibiotics and antibacterial agents sold over the counter. The most common is Benzoyl Peroxide that does not need a prescription. The pimple causing bacteria have a hard time building up resistance to this topical acne medication. This is why Benzoyl Peroxide will be effective in fighting acne. The best way to use it is to make a low concentration of medication. Don’t worry this method will not clog the pores as long as you buy the non-comedogenic type. One of the best natural acne treatments is tee tree oil. It works the same as Benzoyl Peroxide but is easier on the skin.

4. Salicylic Acid is another acne remedy that works. Unplugging the pores, getting rid of dead skin and killing the bacteria that makes acne worse is what you Salicylic Acid is good for. You will want to use Salicylic Acid with Benzoyl Peroxide because they make a powerful acne fighting team.

5. Although Sulfur works in many ways like Peroxide it is believed to not be that effective. However if you cannot use tee tree oil or Peroxide for any reason sulfur may be for you.

6. To get rid of dead skin and stimulate the making of new skin cells Glycolic Acid is a great ingredient that works. It also unclogs pores.

7. Another popular natural remedy treatment is acupuncture and light therapy. To cure the root cause of acne using acupuncture you will need to change your life style and diet. Light wavelengths are believed to kill acne causing bacteria but it is expensive. The plus to Light Therapy is that there are no side effects.

8. Many cycline drugs will kill bacteria but you must get a doctors prescription for these drugs. Aazelic acid cream, Benzaclin, Erythromycin,Duac, benzamycn, and Sodium Sulfacetamide are drugs that have many people cure acne.

9. By the time people mature and get through their teenage years, most people outgrow acne. Age is the best cure for acne but for some individuals it will linger past puberty. Protecting good hygiene and eating right with benefit your fighting acne for the rest of your life.

Try any of these top nine acne treatments to fight acne. Consult a doctor or dermatologist to get their opinion. Good luck!

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