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Acne Treatment Prescription Medicines

Any time you have an unusual skin condition you should consult a doctor for acne treatment prescription medicines even though there many can be effective over the counter medications for acne. You will get the most valuable advice about your skin condition from a doctor.

The most sever acne outbreaks can be treated by a dermatologist. They are the only ones that can prescribe effective medication. Most of the time any mild or moderated acne outbreak can be be treated without any prescription medication.

Topical or oral acne treatment prescription medicines for treating acne can both be used together. Doctors many times will use antibiotics which can be used in either form. Zinc and retinoids are ingredients included in topical acne medications.

Tetracycline is a common antibiotic to treat acne. It works in 2 different ways it reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. To prevent a recurrence when using antibiotics for acne you will have to take them for many weeks or months before you see any results. A major side effect of Tetracycline is sensitivity to the sun. If you want to take this drug then you must be careful about sun exposure to avoid bad sun burns. Dizziness, nausea, and hives have been reported as a side effect by many people.

What are acne treatment prescription medicines?

Acne Treatment Prescription MedicinesTetracycline has been known to increase yeast infections in women. Women that are pregnant and young children should avoid taken this powerful acne drug. It will cause the teeth to get discolored.

If you want tog get a lower rate of side effects then ointments should be used. The problem with ointments is that the bacteria can build up a resistance to it. Combining other medications such as; benzoyl peroxide with the antibiotic lotion can greatly reduce the chance of such problems.

A lotion or a cream containing vitamin A or retoinoids can be applied directly to the skin. Whiteheads and blackheads are successfully treated with these types of acne treatments. A common side effect of using lotions or creams is dry skin, however they do produce satisfactory results for unclogging pores.

Retinoid medication should be used if the acne is severe and the not acne treatments are not working. The pores will be opened because the acne treatment prescription medicines will cause the top layer of skin to be peeled off. The oral retinoids also cause the body to create less sebum, which also reduces the acne by reducing the oil on the skin.

You must be diligent in gaining information on oral retinoid medications. They can cause sever side effects. Women that are pregnant should not take oral retiniods because it does cause birth defects. A person taking this medication should be monitored by a doctor to avoid liver damage and depression.

The news of medication is not all bad there some acne treatment prescription medicines that have positive side effects helping to get rid of acne. Hormone and testosterone levels are changed by some birth control pills which actually reduce acne. Zinc is also can also be used.

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