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Acne Cosmetica Can Be Healed Using 1 Simple Treatment

Acne Cosmetica


What is Acne Cosmetica

Acne cosmetica is a condition of that causes acne to form due to the use of cosmetics hence the name acne cosmetica. Using cosmetics products that are full of comedogenic ingredients. These product will clog the pores and cause blackheads and blackheads.

The ingredients responsible for clogging pores are products that contain oils like, isopropyl myristare and lanolin, dyes and fragrances. Always look at the ingredients list to see what s in your cosmetics products.

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What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of acne cosmetica are as follows:

  • Itchy bumps the will fill with pus
  • Pink or red bumps on the scalp, forehead, cheeks, and the chin.
  • You will also notice a rash like appearance.

Acne Cosmetica Photos

Here are some pictures to help you identify rather you are some suffering from this type of acne.

acne cosmetica photos

acne cosmetica pictures

How to get rid of acne cosmetica?

The easiest way to get rid of acne cosmetica is to stop using make up. It can be difficult to get stop the use f cosmetics but if you want to repair your skin then this is a great step to take. Once you stop the use of cosmetics your face will begin to clear up. This gives you the chance to find out which of your makeup products are causing acne cosmetica. Once you know which product is the culprit discontinue use.

Use cosmetics that have non comdegen in it. This is a safe bet if you want to continue to use make up. You can use a great acne skin care product like Acnezine. It has ll natural ingredients and it works fast.

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How long is the healing time?

This depends on how severe the and how sensitive your skin is. It can take 1 week to notice a difference to a full month. Stay focused and persistent and you can be acne cosmetica.

Can home remedies help acne cosmetica?

The quick answer is yes. According to Mike Walden a skin care nutritionist and Author of the pdf Acne No More. By isolating certain foods and using a natural skin care regiment you can not only get rid of acne cosmetica but you can prevent it from ever coming back. Click this link to find out how Acne No More can help you.

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